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Lima Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marines 1st Marine Division

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    Dear Richard,

    My name is Ali May and I am a researcher on a documentary about the Battle of Hue. I would very much like to chat to any members of Lima 3/5 who were involved in the final assault on the walled part of the city during the Battle of Hue. I have been trying to contact people but have not had much luck and was hoping that you may be in touch with some of the guys or at least be able to perhaps put this on a notice board of sorts? Unfortunately I am very restricted for time and only have a couple of days to find as many people involved as possible and I would really like the men of Lima 3/5 to be able to tell their story. If at all possible I would love for people who would be willing to talk to me to give me a contact number so that I could call them and have a chat rather than rely solely on email which people may not check every day for example.

    Here is a bit more info on the project and if you feel in any way able to help me out then I would be very grateful!
    We have been commissioned by the Military Channel (part of Discovery networks) to produce a new series called Ultimate Warfare.  The main concept of the series is to bring military history up to date - we're working on the basis that it is a military history series for the younger generation as well as existing military enthusiasts, we want it to reach another generation teaching them about Military History in an informative and exciting way. We're going to be mixing cutting edge CGI, with brilliant archive footage, expert opinion, reconstruction and most importantly veteran experience.  Two of the ten episodes will focus on the Vietnam War - one will look at the Battle of Hue City and one will look at the Battle of Khe Sanh. I was very much hoping that you may wish to speak to me regarding the Battle of Hue.

    We are looking for veterans who would like to talk to us about their personal experiences in these battles with a view to recording some on camera interviews but just as importantly we would like to pick your brains so if you were not keen to be involved in on camera interviews we would still very much like to hear from you. We will be coming over to the US in the first week of August. However we need to touch base with you before we come out. So if you are at all able to help us out then please send me a brief paragraph introducing yourself and giving a brief overview of how you were involved the Battle of Hue. If possible I would like to speak to you  via phone, if you were willing to chat to me then I would be very grateful if you could give me your number and a time that would be convenient for me to call that would be fantastic. 
    Please let me know if you need any further information and please feel free to pass on my email with all my details to anyone you think may be interested. 

    Once again, thanks for your time and please do get in touch if you have any further questions or feel you can help us in any way.
    Take care
    Kind Regards
    Ali May



    Request from Tom Moore's Son

    My father is a Vietnam Vet and served in the 2nd Platoon Lima Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. His name is Tom Moore. He caught malaria while in the jungle and I believe was transferred to supply after nearly dying. I was trying to find his buddies for him on his behalf and with his knowledge. Could you please let me know if I have contacted someone in his Company?

    Thank you for your time Sir.

    Semper fi

    Dan Moore (son)


    Hey Lima 3/5 1966 Guys,
    Does anyone remember Sgt. Clifton Dockins from 1966.
    He's in a nursing home and not doing real good. A friend of his family is working with his wife to find out some information about his Marine Corps history. His name is Master Gunnery Sgt. Mike Copeland, Retired. His e-mail address is, and his phone # is 252-232-0985.

    If you have any information contact Mike or e-mail me and I will forward the info.
    Semper Fi,


    From: Otto Lehrack <>
    Sent: Sat, Feb 13, 2010 10:30 am
    Subject: Book on Operations Union I, Union II, Cochise, Swift and Essex
    My new book, Road of 10,000 Pains: The Destruction of the 2nd NVA Division by the Marines, 1967 will be available in April.

    It covers the operations in the Que Son Valley from April to November 1967 and operations Union I, Union II, Cochise, Adair, Swift and Essex.

    The cover price is $30 but it is now available on Amazon for pre order for $19.80 plus shipping which is about the price that I have to pay for them.

    If you wish to order them from me, I will autograph and send them to you for $25 each. This includes the cost to me, including shipping from the press, the discount price of the book, the padded envelope and the cost of shipping to you. An order form is attached to this email. I am sorry but I have no way to
     accept credit cards.

    I will send you as many copies as you would like. I would like to get as many of them done at one time as a convenience to me so try to order as many as you need all at once. If you cannot do so, I will accommodate late orders into the foreseeable future.

    This has been an on and off project of mine for about six years. During this time I have lived in three states and two foreign countries and have lost the contact data for some of the Marines and Corpsmen that I interviewed. Please forward this email to all who you think might be interested.

    Here is an excerpt from the book from Operation Swift.

    “The NVA came at Murray’s men in a whirlwind of violence—hard on the heels of mortars that mushroomed across the knoll throwing hot, sharp steel in every direction; within the lanes marked by the tracers of Soviet-made machine guns and small arms that chain-sawed every bush, sapling and blade of grass to stubble; the NVA soldiers came by the score, in platoon formation, firing from the hip; they came in squads, firing and maneuvering their three man fire teams; they came singly, men orphaned by the Marines’ return fire but still on their feet and attacking; they came at the Marines in a flood, like water from a burst dam, flowing around the strong positions, threatening to carry away the weak and then trying to come together on the far side; attempting to isolate and surround small clumps of resistance. They nearly succeeded. Had it not been for the outstanding courage of the individual Marine and their close air support, the entire company would most likely have been butchered on the knoll.”

    Semper fi,

    Otto Lehrack

    Otto Lehrack
    4231 Colden St., #146
    Flushing, NY 11355

    My latest book: Road of 10,000 Pains, is now available for pre-order on 

    Read my blog: "Centrifugal Nation: How the Poisonous Legacy of the Sixties is Pulling Us Apart." It will be updated twice weekly

    The following was submitted by: David Stinson

    Click on the link below for a very long list of web sites on things of the Vietnam war.  I am passing this along because it is probably the best search list ever compiled about the Vietnam War.  This simply has to be shared with anyone who ever served in Vietnam or knew someone who served in Vietnam.  It would take months to look at everything this site offers.  Somebody went to a lot of effort on this site... It's one of the most complete that I've seen to date... Feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might be interested...


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